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Governor orders pesticide ban in Yan Oya valley

Eastern Province Governor Anuradha Yahampath has designated the 'Yan Oya Valley' as a farming zone free of pesticides.

Lands have been given to farmers who had lost their land due to the Yan Oya project in this area.

This is according to a special proposal made by the Trincomalee's Agrarian Services Assistant Commissioner Waruni Saravanandan.

The decision was taken by the Governor at a special meeting held at the Governor's Secretariat in Trincomalee on Monday (8).

Accordingly, from now on, the addition of any pesticides or chemicals to agricultural activities in the 500 acres of land belonging to the Yan Oya valley will be strictly prohibited.

This decision has been taken to stop the destruction caused by the application of the chemical to farm lands in the area.

It was also proposed to educate farmers to engage in agricultural activities while protecting the biodiversity of the newly acquired lands.The Governor also instructed the Assistant Agrarian Service Commissioner to prepare a special programme to monitor whether farmers are carrying out such activities.