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An unseen life

As William Shakespeare mentioned a few hundred years ago, ‘’Life is a stage, and we are all actors on it ‘’ and the validity and value of this quote resonates even during these modern times. ‘’The Unseen Wings ‘’, an epic collection of poems carefully selected and written by Indian poet and writer, Bipin Kuriakose, who currently resides in Oman.

This masterpiece includes life in a nutshell, our fears, challenges, love and emotions, hopes, expressions which are endless – and describes all aspects of life in one small book but ultimately delivers a unique message to the audience, expressing what we are destined for in life, and makes one think about the reality of life, and live accordingly, knowing that life itself is temporary, and teaches us to value each moment of the life we live.

Depending on the current pandemic situation and abiding by the new health protocols, the book launch took place on a virtual platform, bringing together all the respected literary scholars, poets and professionals from every field. Several guest speakers participated at the event including Milinda Rajapaksha and Sureshni Pilapitiya from Sri Lanka, who shared their respective viewpoints on the book. The meeting turned out to be an intellectual discussion regarding poetry amongst a distinguished group of like-minded poets, scholars and intellectuals from different fields, who looked at its content from different angles and perspectives.

Each guest speaker was given a selected poem to speak upon and express his or her thoughts and feelings, and the rest of the guest speakers included Jamie Anderson from Belgium, Dr Said Al Shanfari from Oman, Tufail Ahmed from Oman, Milinda Rajapaksha from Sri Lanka, Ashish Sharma from Indonesia, and Yenuli Binara, a talented young Sri Lankan artiste residing in Oman. The web launch was skilfully moderated by Katti Power from the USA, and she gave a thorough description of each guest at every introduction.

Some of the comments given by guest speakers are as follows:

Jamie Anderson: “I urge you to read Bipin's book – The Unseen Wings and to get inspired and not to be afraid to enter that tunnel and move towards the light, which is the next chapter in the amazing life that you can have.”

Asish Sharma: “Bipin does a really commendable job with his poems. His observation is so accurate and so in-depth. He has the capability of turning the ordinary to the extraordinary.”

Said Al Shanfari: "Bipin is a person with a lot of talents and whenever he gets in touch with people I can guarantee you that he makes an impact. The Unseen Wings is a book that I recommend everyone to buy because it does tickle your feelings, it speaks to you and your emotions."

Milinda Rajapaksa: "Amazing work! Very timely and important words!"

Tufail Ahmed: "The book reaffirms the fact that Bipin can see the things that are unseen by many. Bipin writes in simple, easy to understand, humour soaked words. His words are simple yet powerful. His poems leave an everlasting memory in the mind and heart of the readers."

Yenuli Binara: It is such a pleasure to read Bipin’s poem – simple, easy to understand and yet having an amazingly inspirational message. The poem ‘Castles’ has taken the collection to a different level and has really brought life to this amazing book of poems - The Unseen Wings. This finds a place of pride in my collection. I was right there on the sand, on the beach and could see the Castle right there as I was mesmerized by the poetic vivid imagery.”

I personally feel that there is something behind each poem that has a wonderful meaning. It talks about our emotions, fears, hopes and dreams. And it also makes us think about the reality of life, and that nothing is permanent. The only thing which we can take back with us are the good memories, and how we had been during our lifetime, and how people remember us for who and what we were. The Unseen Wings is a beautiful piece of work, and truly inspirational. I think this is a collection of poems that should be thoroughly read, and the readers will be able to gain a great deal from it.

As the cover of the book describes, the Unseen Wings with its universal themes, insightful messages and profound messages will resonate with your memories, deepest feelings, hopes, fears and dreams. The power and the capacity of the book, plus the writer’s excellent writing skills are such, that each poem has something special for you as they evoke a nostalgic smile, a random sigh, and possibly some reckless tears.

It will provoke your thoughts and mesmerize you with a landscape of rhyme, rhythm and imagery. The book has now won global accolades and is becoming an international bestseller. The book is a perfect treat to read in the utmost solicitude and tranquillity, and enhance the knowledge and looking at life with a different perspective. Book lovers are sure to find joy in reading this gem of a book, and the weblink can also be found on YouTube. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a peaceful read!