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Involve more Lankan architects for State projects - SLIA

Archt Russel Dandeniya
Archt Russel Dandeniya

The Sri Lanka Institute of Architects(SLIA) requested the government to offer opportunities for talented Sri Lankan Architects to handle large projects in the country and utilize their service more for State ventures.

“I am inviting government decision makers of the construction industry in Sri Lanka; specifically from the President and Prime Minister to give opportunities for talented Sri Lankan Architects to handle the large projects which are going ahead to make greater impact for our future built environment. Give the opportunity, SLIA is ready to conduct design competitions within 3 months. That is the way forward if we really think smart that we are to make Sri Lanka “the wonder of Asia”. At least if we award4 such buildings to talented Architects in a year through SLIA design competitions, over the span of 4 years we would have 20 iconic landmark buildings in Sri Lanka. This is the potential impact SLIA could make through collaboration with the Sri Lankan government and SLIA. If the government really wants to boost our industry during this seemingly difficult period this would be much appreciated by those of the prospective practices as well, Archt Russel Dandeniya, Senior Vice President SLIA told the SLIA Annual Sessions 20/21 launching press conference in Colombo on Tuesday.

Dandeniya said the total public investment on construction was approximately Rs 1 trillion out of which 40% was on buildings and out of the 40%, the component of private sector both consultancy and construction was 12%. The balance 28% was the component of the Public sector. He said the State sector (public and semipublic) employment related to construction related professions (architects, engineers, quantity surveyors etc.) were 1,020 (those who are workingat CECB, UDA, NPPD, SEC, Buildings Department, NHDA, University of Moratuwa, Department of Archeology, etc.). However Dandeniya said while the private sector employed 7,600 professionals related to construction, the State sector employed only 120 architects with the private sector employing more than 1,200 architects. He said it was therefore evident there is an imbalance of distribution of work between private sector and State sector where 28% of public investment is carried out by 120 architects and 12% is carried out by 1,200 architects. The majority of these architects in the private sector, who have been trained under public funds, are working below par and their potential is not being harnessed for the betterment of the public.

“We are not asking anything but serving opportunities to make our built environment remarkable and boosting architecture practices during this difficult period by creating opportunities.

I think we all are struggling with Covid-19, but dawn of new hope with new government and leadership it’s expected that they will address theses imbalances in the future and the SLIA is awaiting and will strive to serve with more closer ties as usual with this government specifically boosting propaganda in the field of construction where more than a million people are involved and perhaps four million dependents.”

The inauguration ceremony of the Annual Sessions of 2021 will be held on February 17.