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‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka’ by NDB continues support to SMEs

NDB‘s ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka’ initiative lends support to Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs), emerging exporters, aspiring entrepreneurs and enthusiastic innovators of Sri Lanka.

The initiative offers an extensive range of financial and non-financial services to local businesses to develop commercial activity and boost trade whilst uplifting the local economy.

Since commencement, NDB ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka’ has garnered great appreciation and has been well accepted by business communities, entrepreneurs, exporters and innovators as the platform resonates its vision and delivers its promise to encourage emerging entrepreneurs and build financial empowerment in the country. As we know, Sri Lanka’s economic reinforcement greatly relies on the exporters, investors and inventors who are pivotal to restart economic activity with new opportunities created by the global supply chain disruption. NDB’s novel ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka’ supports such entrepreneurs and businesses to capture those available opportunities and progressively build the Sri Lankan economy.

NDB’s ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka’ provides with financial assistance for Sri Lankan exporters in the form of working capital finance for funding requirements along with facilities such as pre and post-export finance and other trade-related facilities (bank guarantee, letters of credit revolving STLs and FOREX facilities) Capital Expenditure financing is also offered with concessionary lending rates, funding based on higher LTV on immovable/movable security, funding on acceptable personal guarantees or SLECIC Guarantee, a 25% waiver on all bank charges, approval within 7 working days and obtaining of buyer ratings through NDB Bank from internationally recognized organizations as well as free 1st shipment with Cargo Insurance cover up to $30,000 (with conditions applied).

For non-financial assistance, the plan offers businesses with advisory services such as assistance in finding export markets through Export Development Board (EDB), Sri Lanka Export Credit Insurance Corporation (SLECIC), Chamber of Commerce, Daraz and Code 360.com and trade desk to facilitate exporters. NDB will also assist in facilitating links between prospective clients and local trades to obtain services at discounted prices.

As a leading bank offering innovative and inspiring financial solutions to all its customers, NDB Jayagamu Sri Lanka is a timely solution that meets and exceeds the needs of its customers and the local economy.

NDB Bank named the “Bank of the Year Sri Lanka 2020” by the Banker Magazine UK is the 4th largest listed bank in Sri Lanka and the parent company of the NDB Group.