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No one can sabotage National Unity - Justice Minister

If the country is to make progress, we should all work together. We must build a sense of brotherhood, said Justice Minister Ali Sabry, PC.

He further said that we should not allow National Unity in the country to be sabotaged by an individual or a group.

He was participating at the opening of the new Dhatu Mandiraya and Deva Mandiraya of Katukurunda Athagama Sri Sumanarama Vihara in Kalutara on last Tuesday (09).

The Justice Minister said that Buddhist teachings have guided people to live in peace, harmony and coexistence, irrespective of racial and religious differences.

The event had been organised by Vihara Dayaka Sabha under the patronage of the Katukurunda Athigama Sumanaramadhipathi, Kalutara Thotamune Chief Adhikarana Sanganayaka Katukurunde Subhuthi Nayaka Thera.

“As a country, there are many victories to be achieved. In order to achieve these victories, we have to set aside differences. It is required to respect each other's religions and cultures," the Minister added.

The Justice Minister further added that late Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike, being the President of the Non Alignment Movement, had intervened to solve many global issues since she was tempered by Buddhist teachings. She was able defuse tensions between Asian neighbours after following the path of friendliness, kindness, compassion and non-alignment.