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Sumanthiran’s security detail withdrawn due to Court order violation - Public Security Minister

Public Security Minister Rear Admiral Dr. Sarath Weerasekara said in Parliament yesterday that he had withdrawn MP M.A. Sumanthiran’s security detail as the MP had not heeded warnings regarding his safety and had defied a Court and Police order and participated in a protest.

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) legislator, M.A Sumanthiran told Parliament yesterday that the Government had withdrawn the special security assigned to him and that his life was in danger as a result.

He said that he was given special security by the Government on the basis that there was a threat to his life and he had not made a request. He said that Law and Order Minister Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara had notified him one month ago that there was still a threat to his life.

Therefore, he warned Minister Weerasekara that if anything happens to his life now, Minister Sarath Weerasekara would have to take responsibility for it.

He said that Weerasekara had ordered the withdrawal of his security for attending a protest in the North last week.

The Law and Order Minister defended the decision saying he is not prepared to allow the Security Forces to be used to give special security to an MP who violates a Court order and attends a protest despite there being a threat to his life.

Weerasekara noted that despite being warned, Sumanthiran had attended the protest which goes to show that there was no threat to him. He said, “I am the one who withdrew Sumanthiran’s security in my capacity as the Public Security Minister. Sumanthiran had participated in the protest defying Police and Court orders. Therefore, Police protection cannot be given to such a person. If he has threats to his life, then he should not go to such crowded places and the fact that he went for the protest where thousands of protestors were present, proves that there is no threat to his life. That is why his special security detail was taken away.”

He said that he had warned Sumanthiran earlier regarding a possible threat to his life, adding that Sumanthiran should have taken precautions and heeded the warnings. However, as he had not followed the advice of the Public Security Minister, the Special Task Force cannot take responsibility for his safety now. “It would be a joke to provide security to someone who defies police orders,” he said.

Sumanthiran, however, said that the court order did not have his name on the document, claiming that therefore, he had not violated any court order.

Several Opposition members, including Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa and some members of the Government urged the Speaker to ensure that special security is reassigned to Sumanthiran.