US to impose sanctions on Myanmar junta | Daily News

 US to impose sanctions on Myanmar junta

President Joe Biden announced Wednesday that his administration will impose sanctions against those involved in last week’s military coup in Myanmar and demanded that the country immediately return power to that nation’s democratically elected government. The sanctions will target military leaders who directed the coup, as well as their business interests and close family members. The first round of specific individuals targeted for the sanctions will be identified later this week, Biden said. The order will also prevent military leaders from accessing some US$ 1 billion in Burmese funds being held in the U.S.

His administration will also impose export controls and freeze U.S. assets that benefit Myanmar’s government, but will continue to uphold support for health care and other benefits that directly support the country’s citizens.

“Today, I again call on the Burmese military to immediately release the democratic political leaders and activists,” Biden said.