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Seylan Bank wins accolades at SLIM DIGIS 2020

Seylan Bank, a pioneering bank in digital and social media marketing, won accolades at the recently concluded SLIM DIGIS 2020 with a Silver for ‘Deken Dunne’, its digital marketing campaign on personal loans.

The award is a further endorsement of the pioneering digital native with the highest number of social media followers and ranked #1 Fastest growing Finance sector page in Sri Lanka from March-June and August-December 2020 by Social Bakers.

The bank has always focused on customer convenience and began its digital transformation well aheadof the curve to suit modern-day customer requirements.

Seylan Bank won two merit recognitions for Seylan “Travel the Island” website and Seylan “Offers Rasiya” campaign at the SLIM DIGIS Award Ceremony 2020 held on the 21st of January, in addition to the Silver. One of the first to disrupt traditional norms in marketing with content driven digital narratives, Seylan Bank won two Gold awards at the inaugural SLIM DIGIS 2019 for the revolutionary “How to balance your Baba” campaign developed to promote the Bank’s Travel the Island credit card offers. It became a trendsetter for digital marketing, having been completely promoted only over Social Media, as never before seen in Sri Lanka.

“At Seylan Bank, digital marketing is an extended part of our 360 marketing mix and communication activities, and not a separate entity. Digital is here to stay, and adapting to it is crucial for business continuation as we saw globally over the past year. We believe in engaging customers through social media and building conversation through innovative means, gaining insight to deliver new agebanking solutions” said Gamika De Silva, AGM Marketing & Sales Seylan Bank, discussing the Bank’s focus on digital marketing.

Organized by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing, the SLIM DIGIS celebrate and commend corporates on their best digital marketing efforts, creativity and talent with the hope of encouraging organizations to amplify their efforts on digital platforms to reach global digital marketing standards.

Seylan Bank, operates with a vision to offer the ultimate banking experience to its valued customers through cutting-edge technology, innovative products, and best-in-class service.