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Arthur V. Dias’ Death Anniversary commemorated

The 137th Death Anniversary of late National Leader and Philanthropist Arthur V. Dias was commemorated at the Panadura Town Hall on February 12.

Panadura Urban Council (UC) Chairman Nandena Gunathileka said at the ceremony that when the British ruled the country, Arthur V. Dias set an example by participating in the struggle against the British rulers. Arthur V Dias and other leaders in the struggle were arrested later.

After the trial, he was sentenced to death by a British Court in Panadura. His mother appealed against the judgment and he was released on a fine.

He had been in jail for many years until his release.

Arthur V. Dias introduced jack saplings to every school in Panadura during the war time. Eventually schoolchildren called him Kosmama and even today he was known as Kosmama.

He launched another campaign against liquor and rallied round a high number of people against the consumption of liquor.

The Arthur V. Dias Udyanaya in Panadura was built in memory him.