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Marhoom Moulavi Nizam – Scholar with many talents

This message is published, In view of the 2nd death anniversary of Marhoom Moulavi Nizam (Bahji), which falls on February 2.

Moulavi Nizam was a Alim with a specialty, a scholar in Sharia, that our society has witnessed. He lived as an exemplary personality. His professional career extended as an Alim, scholar, journalist and a broadcasting resource person. While describing further about Marhoom Nizam, the vice President of All Ceylon Jamiathul Ulama and Deputy Director of Jamiya Naleemiya Institute A.C.Agar Mohamed (Naleemi) has said that Marhoom Nizam as an Alim lad a life with highly respected qualities such as calmness and impartiality. One had not seen extremism in his speech, writings or actions. He had never blamed or used inappropriate words on anyone or any party. There was courtesy in his words and he always adopted a civilized form of expressing ideas.

He abstained from raising controversial matters. He did not write speak or behave in ways that caused disturbances in society. He stressed that where ever Moulavi goes, his intention was on Muslim Umma. from this we could understand about his good qualities.

Nizam was born in Maggona on May 21. 1946 as the second son to Marhooms A.L.M.Rasheedh Marrikar and Marhoom A Nurul Alavia, both belonged to the generations of Ayurvedic doctors. He started his early education at the Tamil mixed school in 1952.

He did his higher studies and excelled at Al–Hamra Vidiyalaya and Zahira Maha Vidiyalaya, Dharga Town. While studying, he showed his talents as an artist and public speaker.

He joined China Fort Akkaragodamadharasathul Mafakkiriya Arabic College in 1967 to perfuse religious studies. The Mafakkiriya, Arabic College was dissolved and established as Jamila Naleemiya later on. He then went to the ancient “Bahjathul Ibrahmiya” Arabic College in Galle Fort, Where he continued his studies. While studying there, he was asked to deliver Kuthba sermon by Usthadh Abuthalib. First he hesitated to undertake this great task; finally accomplished it successfully as he could not turndown Usthad’s humble request.

After this, he was appointed to deliver Jummah sermon every month by the trustees of the mosque. In 1974, he was graduated at the graduation ceremony and the task of delivering Keynote address was handed over to him.

He got his first Moulavi Teacher appointment at Rakwana Assalam Maha Vidyalaya on June 21, 1975. Then he was transferred to Kalutara Muslim Maha Vidiyalaya. After sometime, he served at China fort Alhumaizara MV, Beruwala I.L.M Samsudeen MV, Z.A.M. Refai MV, and Maggona Hasaniya MV. He was promoted as a master teacher in the Kalutara-Beruwela Divisional Education Zone in 1990. He served for a 31 years as a teacher and master teacher and while teaching, he prepared model question papers for the Grade 6, 7 and 9.

He was one of the senior Mureedh of the Alaviyya Thareeqas and actively participated in good deeds of the Thareeqas and participated in spiritual activities of the other thareeq as well and contributed to the projects of the Thareeqas, which won the hearts of others.

He was given as opportunity to coordinate Grade 9, 10 Islam text book committee from 2000. He performed tasks such as preparing question papers for term tests of the Kalutara District schools and assessed answer papers of O/L and A/L Exams very efficiently. He never failed to participate in religious and social events that took place in Kalutara Muslim schools and during that period, he contributed very much for the electronic and print media.

In 1975, Moulavi R.N. Saifuddeen Sahib introduced him to the Muslim service of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC). Thereafter, he contributed to the Muslim services religious programmes for four decades. Moulavi Nizam also took part in Sinhala language religious programs in Muslim service. He also contributed to the live telecast of Idul Alha festival from Maggona Mosque in 1983.

He delivered special speeches in live telecast programmes at the Centre for Physically Handicapped, Thihariya in 1990 and 1992, All Ceylon Muslim League Headquarters in 1988 and Dharga Town Aalim Sahib Appa Thaikka in 2006.

He narrated and produced radio programmes as well.

He made a record for having delivered speeches and conducting programmes on radio for almost seven years and won the hearts of listeners.

He had won peoples’ hearts by doing ‘Dhahwa’ and social works in many parts of the island from 1972 to 1990. From the letters that Tamil peoples have sent to SLBC, it is clear that some of Moulavi Nizam’s programms welcomed by them. Particularly, the morning Islamic thoughts was listened by them. He miraculously survived from a shooting incident by the terrorist, while he was performing election duty in 1987. He had served as a Katheeb at the Kaluthara Village Mosque and the Beruwala Molliamala Jummah Mosque. He had delivered jummah sermons and showed his talents in many parts of the island.

Likewise, he excelled in guiding society in the right path by conducting “Pikhu” classes. He also guided youth by conducting Sinhala medium classes. He also earned a reputation for conducting seminars and showed talents. He was appointed as a Madharis Director of China Fort Quran Madrasa. He brought all Madharasa syllabuses under one umbrella and paved way for a renaissance.

Moulavi Nizam was one of a few Moulavis who served more than 30 years at the SLBC. He was honoured as the former SLBC Muslim Service Director at the Ahamed Munnawar’s book launching ceremony. He was honoured by the golden shawl and awarded bunch. Moulavi Nizam was also awarded a gold medal at a ceremony that honoured the best Moulavi by the Kalutara District Branch of the Aall Ceylon Jammiyathul Ulama.

Marhoom Nizam lost his beloved mother during childhood and was raised by his father’s compassion, which made him rise as an eminent scholar in Islamic theology. He got married to Sithy Amina and became loving father to three daughters and three sons. Moulavi Nizam, who excelled in many fields passed away on February 20, 2012.

His first death anniversary was held on March 9, 2020 at Royal the Plaza Hall, Maggona. At this ceremony a book Remembering Nizam Moulavi – the worrier of holy religious throughs was launched by former SLBC SLBC Muslim Service Additional Director M.Z.Ahamed Munawwar. M.T.M Hariz, Maggona Indiriligoda Committee President obtained the its first copy. Scholars, Sadaths, Ulamas Politicians, Journalists, those who had studied and associated with Moulavi Nizam had arrived from various parts of the island and the public who had gathered there in large numbers reflected on Moulavi Nizam’s good qualities and characters. Let us pray Almighty Allah to accept his good deeds and grant him Jennathul Firdous. Aameen!

B.M. Mukthar,

Beruwala Spl.Corr.