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China will not meddle with Indo-Lanka relations - Minister

External Affairs Minister Dinesh Gunawardena denied allegations that China had coerced the government with regard to the East Container Terminal adding that China will not meddle with Indo-Lanka relations.

“China did not pressure us in anyway. They will not interfere in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs.

Not only that, China will not interfere in Indo-Lanka relations. These are basic facts,” he told an interview published earlier this week. The Minister pointed out that the trade unions, bishops and national organizations in Sri Lanka had expressed their opposition to this issue and that he would never believe that China was involved in this incident.

He further stated that the relations between Sri Lanka and India are not based on a single project and several projects are in progress between the two countries. Minister Dinesh Gunawardena stated that the projects and investments made with India will continue to be implemented and expressed confidence that relations between the two countries have reached a high level and will continue to grow in the future.