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Lead country with your own intellect

No erosion of trust in President, says Buddhist Advisory Council

Take criticism without bias and lead the country with own intellect, the Buddhist Advisory Council told President Gotabaya Rajapaksa last week.

The Maha Sangha said spending time to respond to all opinions expressed by each person is a waste of valuable time that can be utilised to work.Whatever the comments made by certain sections of society, the Maha Sangha and the people of this country  have placed great faith in the President, they said.These views were expressed at the 8th session of the Buddhist Advisory Council held at the Presidential Secretariat on Friday (12).The government should not get discouraged by the baseless allegations and insults levelled against it by various parties. The Maha Sangha requested the President to rule the country in a righteous manner for the remaining three and a half years.

The Buddhist Advisory Council paid its special attention to the current activities of the fundamentalists. In the past, it was the underprivileged that got caught in their clutches. The Maha Sangha said it was a matter of grave concern that today it is the rich, powerful, famous artistes and even political leaders who have fallen prey to fundamentalists. It was pointed out at the session that recently there were reports regarding an incident of a Deputy Principal of a popular girls’ school in the Kurunegala area attempting to forcibly convert students and parents into their faith. The Maha Sangha, appreciating the procedure adopted by the President in appointing individuals to various positions including that of the diplomatic service remarked out that the Foreign Service should not become a resting place for the retirees. They said that the Ambassadors appointed to countries such as Myanmar and Thailand should be people with a vision based on the five precepts. The Maha Sangha also stressed the need to stop deliberate misinterpretations given to the character of Lord Buddha, Buddhist philosophy as well as the archeological and ancient sites. For that purpose, the Buddhist Books and Publications Regulation Act should be activated. The need to activate the Tripitaka Conservation Board was also stressed.

The Maha Sangha representing the Buddhist Advisory Council, State Minister Vidura Wickramanayake, Principal Advisor to President Lalith Weeratunga and officials participated in this meeting.