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Quality, first and foremost

Made with Love by Has

Just last year, 11 year old Georgia of Sri Lankan heritage was crowned winner of Junior MasterChef Australia 2020. In doing so, she took out the title and $25,000 prize money. In her words she said that her nanna taught her how to make lots of different Sri Lankan food. These skills she has acquired, have enabled her to rise to fame. It is not only Junior Master Chef Australia but other chef competitions have mushroomed all over the world in the last few years. Chef competitions feature both adults and children because people have realized that the culinary industry has so much potential!

They have so much appeal because of the advent of reality competitions. Canny businessmen have realized that real people doing real things have a huge appeal! And if you can put this on Internet, YouTube and TV, you have a huge audience it is big money! In other words if you can cook……now you’re cooking!

The Daily News interviews Hasanthi Gunatilake, a mother of three children and also a teacher who operates ahome-based food Service.

“I just love cooking, plating up, preparing attractive tasty dishes for my loved ones. It makes me happy to see them enjoy it. I thought what if I can extend that to the outside market as well and see more people enjoy my food,” said Gunatilake.

She is undoubtedly a multitasker. But she says that it is very challenging at times being a teacher, a mom of three kids and balancing the whole work load. She states that she does not have a domestic at home and does everything by herself with the help of her family.

Evolution of culinary art

The Culinary Arts, in the Western world, began to evolve at the end of the Renaissance period. Prior to this, chefs worked in castles, cooking for kings and queens, as well as their families, guests, and other workers of the castle. As Monarchical rule became phased out as a modality, the chefs took their craft to inns and hotels. From here, the craft evolved into a field of study.

“My family and friends were insisting that I start this up as a business. I started taking orders for cakes back in 2014 under the name of ‘Cake Club’ and later changed the name to ‘Taste Box’. I had to take a break when I was expecting my third baby. I started the new venture ‘Made with Love by Has’ in march 2020,” pointed out Gunatilake.

11- year old Georgia is the perfect example for a childhood passion turning into something truly beneficial. For Gunatilake too it has been a childhood passion. She has been cooking, making puddings, arranging the table for her family since her childhood. She has also always wanted to open up her own restaurant.

“I do think my products are in high demand by the amount of comments, appreciations and recommendations that I receive daily from my lovely customers. I use premium quality ingredients and always make my food hygienically with good standards. I believe there is a good market for such quality products in the current pandemic situation where customers think more about what they give to their loved ones and also the taste and presentation is a major plus as well,” explained Gunatilake.

Effort and dedication

Gunatilake is optimistic when it comes to her business. She has come far and she has done it by putting in a lot of effort and dedication. It has been all hard work.

“I think I have achieved success in my line of work. But I think there is more to come in future. I don’t want to rush things because I want to do things right. I am not prepared to compromise on quality. Being a mother of three children, it is tough. However, I get huge support and encouragement from my spouse and family,” added Gunatilake.

“Stating that one of the difficulties she encounters is lack of consistent suppliers for quality ingredients, her message for anyone who wants to enter her field of work is to think positive and start small and always give a quality product without thinking much on big margins,” said Gunatilake.

Covid19 for her was actually a blessing in disguise. As a result, she was stuck at home and had the free time to experiment and come up with creative dishes.


“Also, nowadays I think that people don’t want to compromise on health and hygiene when it comes to food and people tend to eat more homemade food. And that’s where I come in. My clients know that I don’t take any risk when it comes to food since I feed the same food to my kids too. My future ambition definitely is to come up with more exciting dishes and expand my reach. And I want to do this while balancing my work and my family life. Starting a restaurant on my own in the future is one of my dreams,” stated Gunatilake.

As mentioned above she is a teacher by profession and while teaching she is performing the tasks required by her home based food service. She goes onto explain that her first priority is teaching, because there are a lot of kids who are depending on her. Another goal of hers is actually seeing her students excel in their studies.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank my family. They have been a pillar of strength to me.

Without them I couldn’t have done what I have done. I would like to thank them for everything they are for me.

It is not only the culinary arts that I am involved in. I do makeovers to old furniture and I love to do other creative stuff like home decor, interior designing which I’m hoping to market in the future.

I believe in sustainability and helping the local community. I always give priority to local small-scale vendors when it comes to everyday supplies. I try to use bio degradable materials as much as possible for my packaging since it is important to leave a healthy environment for our next generation to enjoy,” said Gunatilake.