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Unity the way forward for Govt. – Prof G.L. Peiris

The Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) will amicably resolve any conflicts of opinion in the party through internal discussions and will not let such disagreements in any way affect the Government, SLPP Chairman and Education Minister Professor G.L. Peiris said yesterday.

Professor Peiris made this observation during a SLPP press briefing at Water’s Edge in Battaramulla.

Professor Peiris pointed out that the Opposition will not be allowed to take any advantage from such situations and reminded that it is important to rally together to protect the Government which was formed after numerous hardships.

Professor Peiris observed, “Conflicts of opinion within our alliance are not uncommon. There were many challenges when forming and managing the party. There was a strong opinion that there was no need for a new party. A joint opposition was considered sufficient to carry out a strong programme against the then government of good governance. Then, former minister Basil Rajapaksa formed the SLPP with a great commitment. He did so based on a clear policy. We needed a home. Local government elections were held within 15 months. The new party was able to win 71% of the vote islandwide. It was like a miracle.”

Professor Peiris observed, “The new political party emerged as the strongest political force. There were various ideologies in our alliance. A similar situation arose when the 20th Amendment was proposed. We were able to reach an agreement through discussions. That is the way we hope to run in the future.”

Professor Peiris said, “All our leading figures have great political experience. We unequivocally accept the principle of collective responsibility within the Cabinet and the Government. One government is definitely one voice. When the Cabinet decides on an issue, it shall be a collective decision. Any violation of this policy will lead to many consequences. Investors should not be discouraged. It could cause great damage to the country’s economy. Today we have the weakest opposition in the political history of Sri Lanka.”

Professor Peiris continued, “There is no need to give any advantage to the Opposition through simple matters in our opinions. Our alliance has a mechanism to discuss and resolve such issues. Our leaders have discussed the Sri Lankan government’s position before the Geneva Council on several occasions during the past two weeks. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and President Mahinda Rajapaksa participated in the discussion. There is no need to make things more difficult. We now have a strong government with a 2/3 majority in Parliament. If unity and cooperation could be maintained, it would be not difficult to achieve any goal. Support is needed from all supportive parties to protect the Government we have formed through many hardships.”