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We will protect the Rajapaksas - Johnston

We will not let anyone from within or outside our parties attack the Rajapaksas, Highways Minister Johnston Fernando said.

“Some people within and outside our parties are trying to break up the Rajapaksa family.

 The Opposition, international forces and the Tamil Diaspora all want to do this. We should not allow this if we want to exist,” he said.

“This Government is strong. We all should be alert about people with ulterior motives trying to create a wedge in the Government,” he added.

“President Gotabaya Rajapaksa was elected President when the country was facing near destruction in every possible way. The country’s economic growth rate had plummeted during the previous Government’s rule. Colossal amounts of funds which belonged to the people were stolen during the rule of the previous Government through the Central Bank Bond scam. The situation that the country faced during the Yahapalana Government’s rule created anarchy,” he said.