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SLIIT Business School hosts Soft Skills+ 2021

Soft skills encompass a wide variety of skills that are necessary to be successful in school and in the workplace. Understanding its importance for secondary school students, the SLIIT Business School has once again organised its eagerly anticipated ‘Soft Skills+ 2021’ programme.

Hailed as one of the flagship CSR Projects of the SLIIT Business School, the SLIIT Soft Skills+ 2021 programme is organised with the primary objective of expanding the soft skill abilities of secondary school students. A range of skills fundamental to success such as positive thinking, leadership, teamwork, communication skills, creativity thinking and critical thinking, self-discipline, time management, networking skills, adaptability and motivation are cultivated among the participants.

The SLIIT Business School acknowledges that soft skills are often not explicitly taught in school curriculum. Instead students are inundated with mainly syllabus related knowledge, aimed at achieving high grades at exams. Through a series of practical and innovative sessions, the participants of the SLIIT Soft Skills+ 2021 programme are introduced to these vital skills.

Commenting on this year’s programme, Dr. Nisha Jayasuriya, a Senior Lecturer (Higher Grade) and the official coordinator for Soft Skills + 2021 from, SLIIT Business School said, “Developing lifelong skills are vital for students today to succeed in school, at their future workplace and in life. Recognising its importance, the SLIIT Business School has once again come forward to host the SLIIT Soft Skills+ 2021 programme to ensure our students have the skills they need to set them apart, and fulfill their potential.”

This year’s programm not only promises to be more interesting but will be rewarding participants with exciting prizes. While the Champions of the progamme will receive laptops, the 1st runner-up will be presented tabs and a portable hard drive followed by tabs also being awarded to the 2nd runner-up. Additionally, all participants including students and teachers will receive valuable prizes.

This year’s programme is based on an upgraded structure, to encourage and increase more students to participate. The entire event will be held via on online platform, which will include a Soft Skills-based online quiz and an online workshop for both students and teachers.

The event which comprises three rounds is scheduled to begin on February 17. The programme is set to continue until March 17.

The programme for students will be conducted in all three mediums i.e. Sinhala, Tamil and English while the workshop for teachers will be conducted only in Sinhala and Tamil.

The success of programme is showcased through its vast coverage i.e. reaching over 350 schools islandwide when conducting session during the previous years.