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Neha and Teddy’s Rainy Day Fun – A Celebration of Childhood

Childhood is such a wonderful thing – a time when anything and everything is possible, where there are endless opportunities and dreams truly feel like they can become true. Children have incredibly vibrant imaginations, and the picture book Neha and Teddy’s Rainy Day Fun is a story celebrating the beauty of this imagination and creativity, and the joy and happiness a child feels when they can pursue their dreams. Written by Tharani Skantharajah and illustrated by Champa Gunawardana, the inspiring tale and delightful drawings create a story which is heart-warming and wholesome. 
Children have always been inquisitive and curious, and this is why it is so important to provide them with an outlet where they can explore and play to their hearts content – even on a rainy day. Picture books are the perfect way to cultivate and develop a range of essential skills and abilities, including literacy and reading, as well as the ability to follow a storyline and develop vocabulary. 
Neha and Teddy’s Rainy Day Fun is at once a delightfully whimsical and heart-touching and meaningful tale. In a poetic and playful tone, it narrates the story of a girl and her teddy bear who may be stuck inside because of a rainy day, but they don’t let that dampen their fun. From within the warmth and comfort of their home, Neha and Teddy embark on a magical adventure that really is the stuff of dreams, hopes and pure imagination. 
The beauty of this picture book is just how universal it is for children and parents alike. Every child loves to enjoy make-believe adventures with their furry companions, and the exploits of Neha and Teddy will definitely resonate with all children who love imaginative play. Whilst it is aimed for children between the ages of 4 and 8, this is a book that will be thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by everyone regardless of their age. 
Neha and Teddy’s Rainy Day Fun is published by Queen of Sea Publishers, a publisher that is well-known for creating incredibly high-quality, durable and wholesome books for children. This picture book has been purposely designed with a hard cover and thick pages so that it can be enjoyed and used by little children to their hearts and content for independent reading as well as for bedtime stories, without parents having to worry about wear and tear. 
What’s more, Queen of Sea Publishers are committed to providing children and families with books that instil moral values and meaningful life lessons within children. When it comes to Neha and Teddy’s Rainy Day Fun, Tharani Skantharajah’s gifted writing and Champa Gunawardana gorgeous illustrations have created a book that is not only colourful and inspiring, but a story which has at its heart a message of hope and optimism. Even during a rainy day, Neha and Teddy decide to take matters into their own hands, using their creativity and imagination to make their own fun for themselves.