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Cabinet Decisions

Cabinet Decisions taken on December 15

Summit Housing for promoting construction of housing apartments

The Government has paid attention on identifying lands to construct apartments to cater the rising demand for houses due to the land scarcity in the Colombo urban area. The Summit Houses comprised 176 housing units and 15 bungalows in Keppetipola Road, Colombo 5, controlled under the State Services, Provincial Councils and Local Government Ministry and build in 1976 are used to construct houses for the government employees.

Most of its houses are at a dilapidated stage and should require renovation according to the recommendations of the National Building Research Organization (NBRO). About 700 government employees expect official quarters and are in the pending lists. Considering these facts, Urban Development and Housing Ministry and the State Services, Provincial Councils and Local Government Ministry have entered into an agreement to implement 400 official quarters for government officers on two acres of the 12 - acre land as the first phase.

Under the project, the State Services, Provincial Councils and Local Government Ministry will be entrusted with 100 houses of the middle - class housing schemes under construction by the Urban Development Authority. The remaining 10 acres will be transferred to the Urban Development Authority for development. The Cabinet granted approval to the proposal jointly submitted by the Prime Minister as the Urban Development and Housing Minister and the State Services, Provincial Councils and Local Government Minister to implement the project.

MoU between Colombo University and Lahore School of Economics in Pakistan

A proposal was raised to enter a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the University of Colombo and Lahore School of Economics in Pakistan to exchanging research materials, publications and information that bestow mutual benefits to both parties, encouraging for consolidated and individual research projects of the two institutes, providing opportunity for obtaining experience through exchange of students with skills and capabilities. An intellects committee has forwarded recommendations on the MoU. The Cabinet has granted approval to the resolution submitted by the Education Minister for signing the MoU.

100 kW Solar Power Generation Program under Private Sector investment

In line with the Government Policy Statement “Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour,” it is planned to derive the maximum capacity of the total electricity requirement from renewable energy sources by 2030. These projects are designed to be implemented under private sector investments. It is planned to implement a project to generate renewable electricity by connecting ground-mounted solar power plants for 7000 power distribution transformers owned by the Ceylon Electricity Board and Lanka Electricity Company (Pvt.) Limited. Under this program, one solar power project will be implemented for each identified transformer. Investors will be selected on a competitive bidding basis from individuals and institutions registered in the Business Register of the relevant Divisional Secretariat of the area. The investment for the construction of one solar power plant is around Rs. 12 million and the relevant solar power system should be installed on a 40 perch land by the transformer. Taking in to account the proposal by the Power Minister, the Cabinet approved the implementation of the project in 18 months as an accelerated project.

Traditional and Rural Industries Promotion Projects

Rs. 2,000 million has been allocated in the Budget 2021 to assist industrialists in traditional industries to expand their product range and to facilitate access to specific commodity markets. The Rattan, Brass, Pottery, Furniture and Rural Industries Promotion Ministry has designed a program to be implemented during 2021-2025. The Ministry had designed the projects and the Cabinet approved the proposal by the Industries Ministry to implement the projects including a raw material cultivation program for rural projects, to set up National Raw Materials Bank, Program to create one entrepreneur from one village, to set up Wood Products and Design Centre, a Rural and Traditional Industrial Village Integrated Development Program and a Rural and Traditional Industries village combining project, Local and Foreign Market Promotion Program for Rural Industries.