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Critique from a unique stratosphere

Jayantha, the administer cum literary personality bid adieu to the two worlds she had known and was better known at, after a brief terminal illness last week. She left behind her husband Siri; a senior civil administrator himself and the only child along with a score of colleagues in the state administrative service and the sphere of art and culture, creating a noticeable void. A void of a Mr. or rather a Mrs Fix it. Jayantha took pleasure in helping others making use of her many contacts, lavishly. Be it somebody’s someone trying to get a transfer from one place to another, or someone else trying to launch a book without knowing how to get about it, or even someone desperately trying to secure the legitimate portion of funds from the state to finance an imminent surgery to save one’s or someone else’s life and faced with the dilemma of clearing numerous red tapes, Jayantha Rukmani was one of a few unofficial ombudsmen or for that matter ombudswomen in case if the term existed, ready and willing at any given time to be relied upon.

My coming to know her was when she made a critique on one of my short stories appeared on a Sinhala daily. Thereafter it was further cemented when my sister’s son got married to her daughter Oshadhi. Apart from all the talents, she was blessed with what appeared to me as paramount, was her knack for the public relations; a craft in which a few would have excelled over her if there were any. It became evident once looking at the galaxy of stars and scholars of eminence attended at her daughter’s wedding and the subsequent launch of her last book.

As the others mentioned after her demise writing to the newspapers, she constantly encouraged me too, to continue with my writing, being prepared to offer any help if needed with regard to it. She once mentioned in a television talk show that she had been named Rukmani after the great artist of yesteryear, whom her mother used to adore.

That Rukmani had the ability to laugh and cry in a matter of few minutes making her fans also following suit.

But Jayantha Rukmani was someone who always wore a permanent smile whether in happiness or grief. A smile probably had its origin in her heart. Her sojourn is now over. So will be ours in time to come. Till then every one of us who had the good fortune of knowing her shall remember her well. And remember with affection.

May she attain Nibbana after threading her samsaric journey in the shortest possible time!