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Park Street Mews celebrates 12th anniversary

The Park Street Mews restaurant completed 12 years in the food and entertainment industry.

Over years the restaurant has offered a wide range of fusion cuisine, its own range of delicious homemade Ice cream and beverages.

Park Street Mews Managing Director Harpo Gooneratne said that the journey of 12 years has been long and fulfilling.

“12 years ago the street here was empty and to make it active we created a trendy setting for locals and tourists, introducing several diversified entertainment and dining venues. Over the years several other restaurants too moved in to make it a ‘happening street’. The concept is still one of its kind”.

Fondly known as The Mews, as part of Harpo’s restaurant and cafes group, Park Street Mews restaurant has enjoyed an exciting 12-year journey with food being certainly front and centre, along with beverages and special events are still remembered by many who have frequented the place over the years.

He added, the last two years the journey hasn’t been great due to the recent events in the country and how it has stifled the growth of the economy in all sectors, “We see light and the end of the tunnel and the great vibes of the park street will pick up and recover as we progressed.”

“We are happy the airport is opening and must take this in a positive stride. At least we are starting somewhere, it won’t be the same as before, but it’s something to begin with. The airport opening will send a positive message to the world and say we are ready to host.”

“We at the Mews are following all health ministry guidelines and have taken precautionary measures to serve our guests”.