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Kelani Cables conferred with two awards at SLIM Brand Excellence

Officials with the award
Officials with the award

Kelani Cables PLC, one of Sri Lanka’s number one brand in secure electrical and communication cables was conferred with two prestigious awards at the 19th ‘SLIM-Brand Excellence 2020’ annual awards ceremony held at the Sirimavo Bandaranaike memorial Hall.

While the first award was bestowed to recognize the company in the B2B brand of the year category, the second one ‘Restart Sri Lanka Resilient Award’ being an exclusive award in the 2020 awards ceremony was presented to recognize the company for demonstrating endurance in the Covid-19 pandemic era.

The award bestowed was in the FMCG category. The B2B award was received by the company also in earlier SLIM awards ceremonies.

SLIM-Brand Excellence is conducted annually by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) to recognize championing brands in the Sri Lankan marketplace.

Mahinda Saranapala, Director and CEO, Kelani Cables, said SLIM bestowing the company with two prestigious awards once again is a proud moment for Kelani Cables PLC while the recognition endorses the credibility of the company and its innovative products.

“This is a proud moment for the company. Especially the ‘Restart Sri Lanka Resilient Award’ that was bestowed for the company’s endurance within Easter attack period and in the Covid 19 era is significant. Our team worked tirelessly towards achieving this recognition. Kelani Cables PLC work in harmony with other socially responsible companies in the country and it was recognized once again with the SLIM B2B brand of the year award. We see this as a recognition for our coexistence in the business world and our dedication towards consumer satisfaction.

Dr. Anil Munasinghe, General Manager Marketing, Kelani Cables PLC said, “Kelani Cables PLC is very concerned about the standards of its products. Many local companies dedicated to provide customer satisfaction rely on the products of Kelani Cables PLC.

Superior quality of our main product, Kelani cables wire and other products in the product portfolio have made many companies successful and houses, industries and buildings secure”.

Channa Jayasinghe, Brand Development Manager, Kelani Cables, said Kelani Cables is the most preferred brand in secure electrical and communication cables among the construction sphere in the country.

“Kelani Cables is a top-of-the-mind brand because of the superior quality, innovations, product development strategies and diversifications towards customer satisfaction thus this recognition at the SLIM Brand Excellence 2020.

We will be more motivated now to add value to the Sri Lankan marketplace”, he said.

Kelani Cables PLC is a one hundred percent Sri Lankan company serving the nation for 50 years manufacturing electrical and communication cables.