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CNCI holds Webinar on Stock Exchange, Investment opportunities in share market

The Ceylon National Chamber of Industries CNCI, the Voice of Industry in the country has scheduled a Webinar on “Stock Exchange and Investment Opportunities in the Share Market” focusing both the private sector as well as public sector employees to be conducted on February 23 from 9.30 am to 11.00 am.

CNCI’s Secretary General, Abeyratne Muthugala said that this webinar has been organized mainly taking two factors into consideration. One is that, as the Chamber has identified, many of the employees of various capacities in organizations have no proper understanding and fair awareness on the role and activities of the Stock Exchange and the Share Market. The second reason is that the time is opportune to look for new avenues by both individuals and organizations for savings and investments taking the country’s current scenario into consideration.

Abeyratne Muthugala further said that it would be an interesting webinar and believed that not only the private sector organizations, but also many other Public Sector Organizations and any interested individual would find it useful to be aware of the Stock Exchange, its role and impact to the economy of the country.

The content of the scheduled Webinar includes “Share Market as an Economic Indicator of a country, What is a share, Colombo Stock Exchange, Purpose of Stock Exchange, How to open a CDS A/C, Types of Securities, Benefits of Investing, How to do a Trade, Transaction Cost, CSE performance indices, and Current Market Condition”

This important webinar will be conducted by Imesha Fernndo, Senior Executive Investor Education of Colombo Stock Exchange who has long years of experience in the field and is possessing of very good training skills. For further details, please call CNCI secretariat or write to [email protected].