‘Parliament should act against restrictions on women’s career development’ | Daily News

‘Parliament should act against restrictions on women’s career development’

United National Party (UNP) Kandy District Leader and former Provincial Councillor Shanthini Kongahage said that Parliament is responsible to remove any legal obstacles that hinder a woman to be appointed as the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG).

She was speaking at a media briefing at the Kandy UNP Office yesterday.

Kongahage said that a woman must have the right to hold the DIG post in a country where even the posts of President, Prime Minister and Chief Justice have been held by women earlier.

She said that Bimshani Jasin Arachchi had joined the Police Department in 2007 and fulfilled her educational qualifications and work experience. “It was the responsibility of Parliament to remove any obstacles that hinder her being appointed as the DIG,” Kongahage said.

She said that the incident showed that looking down on women is still active in the country. “Women Parliamentarians should speak out against it,” she said.

She said that no woman has been appointed as IGP during the 154-year-old Police Department and that the appointment of Bimshani Jasin Arachchi to that post will be a great honour for the Department and the country.

Kongahage said that the previous Good Governance Government had appointed commissions after coming into power and promotions and transfers had been carried out without any political influence. “The commissions had been deactivated now after the President Gotabaya came to power,” she said.

She said that 32 Bimshani’s fellow officers had gone to court challenging her not being given the appointment. They told that the word, “Women” was not in the regulations and that a court ruling should be issued in that regard. Kongahage said that the vote of women is very crucial at elections and the people’s representatives, therefore, have a duty and responsibility to speak up for women’s rights.