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YouCab, latest “Foodie” in Town!

Being locked in our homes specifically created a need for delivery of food and other basic necessities. Safety and hygiene of such deliveries was an imperative and the ability to deliver to all areas and do so in a timely and courteous manner became all the more important. Taking these factors into consideration homegrown taxi service YouCab rallied together their troops and established a manual delivery network last year.

YouCab, which is a subsidiary of VirTrans Capital (Pvt) Ltd, brought together contact center staff, travel partners who volunteered their services and Operational Staff members in a team effort that gave birth to VirTrans Capital Delivery (Pvt) Ltd”. From the learnings of the delivery service and customer feedback, the “Foodie” app was developed and launched recently.

Speaking on the launch VirtransCXapital Pvt Ltd CEO Nirthaj Seelanatha said, “When the pandemic and subsequent lockdown struck Sri Lanka in March 2020 people found it difficult to even get the most basic of necessities delivered to their homes. Food delivery in particular was hard to come by. Our taxi operations had been running for more than a year by that time and the introduction of a food delivery platform was in the pipeline. However, the need was such that we needed to expedite the development of Foodie and introduce it to the market at the earliest”

“Even though there is no lockdown per se anymore, the dependency on delivery platforms is so much more. Our attempt is to bridge the gap between the customer and supplier with a touch of inherent Sri Lankan hospitality that is at the very heart of YouCab’s operations as well”, he added.

The Foodie Delivery App simply connects Customers with Merchants or Suppliers who produce or supply food items through Travel Partners who are willing to deliver items ordered to a Customer’s door step. The product portfolio is vast and Customers have the ability to select a payment option from online payment to cash on delivery. Furthermore, the App goes beyond radius limitations and allows Customers to order food from their favourite restaurants anywhere within the delivery network map.

Merchants partnering with YouFoodie also have the added benefit of choosing the partnership agreement brackets that suit the nature and size of their business instead of having to pay standard rates to the app owner. Restaurants and home bakers can set their own delivery times, view orders, confirm dispatches and track orders, accept various payment options and set minimum order values and discounts etc.