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Ranga Dias, named on Time100 Next Annual List

Ranga Dias, an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Rochester, has been selected by Time magazine for its 2021 Time100 Next Annual List of 100 individuals who are shaping the future of their fields and defining the next generation of leadership. Dias was selected among 19 leaders in the list’s “Innovators” category for his creation of a room temperature superconductor.

Dias says developing materials that are superconducting—without electrical resistance and expulsion of magnetic field at room temperature—is the “holy grail” of condensed matter physics.

Such materials could have applications in propelling levitated trains and other forms of transportation; medical imaging and scanning techniques such as MRI and magnetocardiography; faster, more efficient electronics for digital logic and memory device technology, and more. “Let’s be clear: hoverboards, magnetic levitation trains and resistance--free power lines are not coming this year or next. But thanks to Ranga Dias, they’re closer than they ever were,” writes Jeffrey Kluger for Time.

Compressing simple molecular solids with hydrogen at extremely high pressures, University of Rochester engineers and physicists have, for the first time, created a room temperature superconductor. Sought for more than a century, such materials “can definitely change the world as we know it,” Dias says. This work from Dias’s lab was featured on the cover of the journal Nature.

“Everyone on this list is poised to make history,” says Dan Macsai, editorial director of the Time100.

An expansion of the flagship Time100 franchise, the second annual Time100 Next list highlights 100 emerging leaders who are shaping the future. They are doctors and scientists fighting COVID-19, advocates pushing for equality and justice, journalists standing up for truth, and artists sharing their visions of present and future.