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Mafia boss wins right to listen to music in jail

ITALY: An Italian mafia boss in solitary confinement has won a legal fight to be allowed to listen to music, Italian newspaper La Repubblica said Thursday.

Domenico Strisciuglio, 48, had been sentenced to more than 20 years under Italy’s strict prison regime for murder and other Mafia-related crimes.

After a denial from prison authorities, his lawyer turned to the courts to allow him to buy a CD player so that he could expand his entertainment options beyond watching TV in his cell.

Judges in Sassari, the Sardinian town where Strisciuglio is imprisoned, agreed that listening to music was part of the man’s constitutionally guaranteed rights.

Letting him have a CD player is in line with “his primary rights to exercise a cultural activity” which cannot be limited by any form of detention, the judges said in a ruling quoted by La Repubblica.

They also noted that regular TV channels Strisciuglio has access to do not offer programmes “able to satisfy someone who has an interest in listening to music.”

Strisciuglio, who was part of a Mafia family from Bari in southeastern Italy, won another case in 2019, when judges said he could be allowed to watch TV after midnight. - AFP