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HNB General Insurance gears to outclass performance in 2021

HNB General Insurance Limited (HNBGI), a fast-growing innovation powerhouse that provides general insurance solutions across the country, discussed the spectrum of its key deliverances for 2021 and how strategies are being crafted to anchor exemplary performance in this challenging year.

Chief Executive Officer of HNBGI and its parent Company, HNB Assurance PLC (HNBA), Prasantha Fernando stated, “As a corporate, HNBGI adapted and successfully mastered many mechanisms to deliver well above standards, largely contributing to the 10 billion rupee turnover of the Group in 2020, which is a tremendous milestone to have achieved in the two companies’ history.”

“We are now more than ever geared to take on 2021 by the meticulous execution of digital facilitators, the introduction of new and improved products that are more apt towards today’s needs, and continuous expansion to be there for our invaluable customers.”

“Also, several initiatives are set in place to train and provide progressive development for the knowledgeable team of professionals here at HNBGI, who with no doubt will push towards excellence in the year ahead”.

Sithumina Jayasundara, Chief Operating Officer of HNBGI stated “Obtaining an insurance plan, be it, for your vehicle, property or business can be a daunting task, and with the ever-growing need to digitalise matters for the future, HNBGI is actively committed to amplifying its transformation over the digital sphere predominantly aimed at making such procedures simpler and more convenient.”

“On account of this, tasks such as quotation generation, the processing of claims and payments thereof, as well as training and development via digital platforms will be few of the areas of focus. We believe this will supplement our efforts in providing seamless customer service and experience, also by way of improved turnaround, satisfaction, and retention rates”.

“Over time, HNBGI has cultivated key partnerships with several value-adding services, establishing strong ties among the agency channel, Bancassurance channel, Corporate Sales Unit, Takaful Unit, Broker and Leasing Channels. Such components will work in sync to further sustain these relationships and bring in new collaborations to drive revenue, delivering promised returns to our stakeholders. As we widen our comprehensive portfolio of general insurance solutions by introducing revolutionary products such as MotorGuard Pay As You Claim, we will be taking more measures to modify and introduce a modern bouquet of products in the motor insurance and non-motor sphere with a host of benefits that best fit the fast-paced needs of our audience”.