Market turnover dips 16.2% - Acuity Stockbrokers | Daily News

Market turnover dips 16.2% - Acuity Stockbrokers

The Bourse ended the week on a negative note this week with ASPI decreasing by 187.06 points (or 2.34%) to close at 7,797.94 points, while the S&P SL20 Index also decreased by 82.12 points (or 2.58%) to close at 3,098.12 points.

Turnover & Market Capitalization

L O L C Holdings was the highest contributor to the week’s turnover value, contributing LKR 2.95Bn or 14.42% of the total turnover value. Browns Investments followed suit, accounting for 7.96% of turnover (value of LKR 1.63Bn) while Vallibel One contributed LKR 1.56Bn to account for 7.62% of the week’s turnover. Total turnover value amounted to LKR 20.44Bn (cf. last week’s value of LKR 24.42Bn), while the daily average turnover value amounted to LKR 4.09Bn (-16.31%W-o-W) compared to last week’s average of LKR 4.88Bn. Market capitalization meanwhile, decreased by 2.32% W-o-W (or LKR 80.96Bn) to LKR 3,410.31Bn cf. LKR 3,491.27Bn last week.

Liquidity (Value & Volume)

The Capital goods Industry Group was the highest contributor to the week’s total turnover value, accounting for 34.67% (or LKR 7.09Bn) of market turnover. Industry Group’s turnover was driven primarily by Vallibel One, Royal Ceramic, JKH & Hayleys which accounted for 73.17% of the sector’s total turnover. Diversified Financials Industry Group meanwhile accounted for 15.96% of the total turnover value while Materials Industry Group contributed 14.40% to the weekly turnover.

The Food, Beverage & Tobacco Industry Group dominated the market in terms of share volume, accounting for 44.43% (or 306Mn shares) of total volume, with a value contribution of LKR 2.31Bn. The Materials Industry Group followed suit, adding 16.16% to total volume (111.27Mn shares) while Capital Goods contributed 13.41% (92.32Mn shares) to the weekly share volume.

Dividend Announcements

Company, DPS(Rs.), Dividend Type, Date(XD); SAMPATH BANK PLC (Scenario 1: Sub-division not approved), 8.25, First and Final dividend, 31/03/2021; SAMPATH BANK PLC (Scenario 2: Sub-division approved), 2.75, First and Final dividend, 31/03/2021; CEYLON TOBACCO COMPANY PLC, 11.35, Final dividend, 28/05/2021; NESTLE LANKA PLC, 35, First interim, 02/03/2021; NESTLE LANKA PLC, 20, Final dividend, 11/06/2021; NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT BANK PLC, 1.5, First interim, 02/03/2021; HNB ASSURANCE PLC, 2.8, First and Final dividend, 01/04/2021; HATTON NATIONAL BANK PLC (VOTING), 4.5, Final dividend, 31/03/2021; HATTON NATIONAL BANK PLC (NON VOTING), 4.5, Final dividend, 31/03/2021.

Key Economic Indicators January Prime Lending Rate-5.82%; Ave. Wtd. Deposit Rates-5.58%; Ave. Wtd. Fixed Dep. Rates-6.88%; CCPI Inflation Y-o-Y % (Base 2013)-3%.

Net Foreign Position

Foreign investors were net sellers this week with a total net outflow amounting to LKR 0.88Bn relative to last week’s total net outflow of LKR 1.31Bn (32.7% W-o-W). Total foreign purchases decreased by 68.6% W-o-W to LKR 0.44Bn from last week’s value of LKR 1.40Bn, while total foreign sales amounted to LKR 1.32Bn relative to LKR 2.71Bn recorded last week (-51.2% W-o- W).