Pakistani Premier’s visit will enhance bilateral ties - ACYMMAC | Daily News

Pakistani Premier’s visit will enhance bilateral ties - ACYMMAC

The visit of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan will pave way for joint ventures that mutually benefit both nations, the All Ceylon Young Men’s Muslim Association Conference (ACYMMAC) said.

Issuing a message to welcome him on his first visit to Sri Lanka, the President and Executive Committee of the ACYMMAC said that the visit will undoubtedly further reinforce the bilateral relationship between Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

“Sri Lanka and Pakistan have enjoyed a friendly and cordial relationship as the connection between the people of both countries is rooted deep in history. This tradition of goodwill continued in the years after the two countries gained independence, leading to a broad-based relationship covering trade, commerce, culture and defence,” the message further said.

The Government of Pakistan had gifted the ACYMMAC the Pakistan Computer Centre in 2006 and re-launched it in 2017 after being up-graded. The centre has been influential to enhance the skills building with better educational opportunities for the Sri Lankan youth from all communities.