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Facebook will restore news in Australia

Facebook will restore news pages in Australia after the government agreed changes to a planned media code that the company said would allow it to retain greater control over what appears on its platform.

The announcement caps months of bitter dispute between the American tech firm and Canberra, which had been working on legislation that would force tech platforms to pay publishers for news content.

The initial version of the legislation would have allowed media outlets to bargain either individually or collectively with Facebook and Google (GOOGL) — and to enter binding arbitration if the parties couldn't reach an agreement.

On Tuesday, the Australian government said it would amend the code to include a provision that "must take into account whether a digital platform has made a significant contribution to the sustainability of the Australian news industry through reaching commercial agreements with news media businesses."

Arbitration, meanwhile, will now only be used as a "last resort" following a period of "good faith" mediation.

"The government has clarified we will retain the ability to decide if news appears on Facebook so that we won't automatically be subject to a forced negotiation," Campbell Brown, Facebook's vice president for global news partnerships, said in a statement. (CNN)