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Kandiah Thirunavukarasu

An epitome of geniality, generosity and humaneness

It is shocking and saddening to know that death has taken away our dearest close relative and friend, Kandiah Thirunavukarasu from our midst. He lived amidst us for eight decades and was called to Eternal rest. We are certain he will be safe in the abode of our creator. My wife and I share with his wife Pushpam, children and their loved ones, the pain and grief of their personal bereavement and the poignancy of the void left in their lives.

Thirunvukarasu was affectionately called Thiru by his friends and relatives and he was a true family man. He was devoted husband, an affectionate father, a loving grandfather, an understanding father-in-law a kind brother and a caring uncle. He brought up his children the fear of God, trained them in character and instilled noble values in them, his compassion, care and concern for others and his hospitality endeared him to his relatives and friends and his home was a haven to them.

He stood by them in times of adversity and he was an adviser and guide to them. His life had been exemplary and it was blessing to his dear and near ones around him. He is the very epitome of geniality, generosity and humaneness.

Thiru along with his wife Pushpam executed their parental responsibility with commitment and love, giving utmost priority to their children's education. They loved their children very much and they showered their affection on their grandchildren.Yarlini, their daughter is married to her own cousin, Murali and they live in Australia, Muhuntan, their son is married and the couple live in the UK.

Born in a family of four children Thiru is the last but one in the family and all others are sisters. His sisters showered their love on him and return he showed his affection on his sisters and their children with Thiru's eldest sister's son, Sivkaumaran fell ill, he flew to Sri Lanka from London to see him and also he stayed with “Sivam” at the elder care home for almost more than a month to make him feel homely and help him adjust to a new environment. Such is the manifestation of his love towards his nephews and nieces.

Halling from the distinguished Kandiah family in Kondavil, Thiru had a great pride in his family heritage. As family they were always helpful to the downtrodden and the poor and they were well respected by the public of Kondavil and nearby villages. The aspiration to serve the public runs in their family circle.

Tough Thiru was rooted in Hindu faith, the admirable quality in him was that he had respect for other religious faiths. He set an example of their religious harmony and he never missed Christmas when his Christian relatives celebrated the event. When our family was living in Jaffna town and due to the conflict situation which prevailed there at that time, we had to move out of the town for safety. It was Thiru who gave us shelter at his home in Kokuvil for a few days which we can never forget. The hospitality showered on us during that time by Thiru and his family is ever fresh and green in our minds built a good rapport with his fellow workers and superiors. His devotion to duty and his dexterous skills were so much recognized that he was sent as the Fire Prevention Officer to take change of the Fire Brigade of the Jaffna Municipal Council and there also he served in his home station very dedicatedly before retiring.

After he left the Fire Service Department he moved away with his wife to the UK and he was living in Croydon, he was working there for a few years till his health permitted. His wife and children looked after him with so much of love and care that they kept his spirits till the very end.

Thiru had a lively mind even in his early seventies and he and his wife were mutually helpful to each other in sharing their domestic chores. Their son Muhunthan who lives closer to them in Croydon, visits them often to inquire after them.

Our dearest relative Thiru had left behind many fragrant memories which we will always cherish and they will live in our hearts forever. May his soul rest in peace and rise in glory.

- Mr and Mrs. A.A. Arulannarajah