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Mother seeks help from kind donors

A forlorn mother from Agalawatta, Mathugama seeks the financial support from the kind-hearted people to look after her ill younger son and the elder child studying for A/Ls amidst great mental and monetary difficulties. The younger son, Kavindu Lakshan has been diagnosed with Sever Encephalopathy, a neurological disorder and treated for seven years since 2014.

The mother, Nilani Pathiraja lives with these two children after her husband left her two years ago. However, she is not in a position to do a job to earn money due to her ill child. Other than public funds, Samurdhi allowance and the small income from the domestic tea plants, she does not have any other steady income, she said.

She said doctors at the Lady Ridgeway Children’s Hospital, Borella has told her to consult them at the hospital monthly but she cannot afford it as it costs about Rs. 4, 000 only for the hired vehicle. She also has to spend money additionally for medicines purchased from the pharmacy. According to her, all together she has to spend over Rs. 25, 000 for the young child for one month in addition to the class fee of Rs. 4,600 for the elder child.

Therefore, she requests philanthropists and the public to provide her with any support so as to make it possible for her to continue treatment for her ailing younger child and support the elder child in his education. Donors can help them via calling on 077 52 63 711 or depositing funds to her account 343952 at the Bank of Ceylon. They live at No. 168, Swarnagama, Beragama, Agalawatta.