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Sri Lanka listed as country with worst Internet Quality

Sri Lanka has been listed as the country with worst Internet Quality by the Surfshark Digital Quality of Life Index 2020.

The survey was conducted covering 85 countries and singapore tops the list being the country with the highest internet quality.

The speed and stability are cosidered the key factors in determining the quality of the internet connections. Slow and unstable connections inhibit daily use and diminish work efficiency.

Commenting on the results, the Information Technology Society of Sri Lanka points out the data mafia and the monopoly handled by several Internet Service Providers (ISP) has been the key reason behind the tragic situation.

“This situation is a major hindrance towards the progress of the future digital economy of Sri Lanka,” it stressed.

The society further said the ISPs are manipulating their customer bases as per their will and requirement regardless of the guidelines by the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka, which is the key governing body in charge of monitoring the ISPs.

“It is sad to see that the ISPs are moving away from the well known principle ‘Net-neutrality’ concept when providing services to the customers,” the Society said.