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CID probe on SJB MP’s speech

Based on a complaint lodged by several Members of Parliament regarding a speech made by SJB MP Ashok Abeysinghe regarding the Easter Sunday terror attacks, the CID is scheduled to conduct a full investigation.

Police Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana said a couple of days ago Kurunegala District MP Ashok Abeysinghe had made a speech regarding the perpetrators of the Easter Sunday attacks and mentioned about the funding received by the perpetrators of the attacks.

He said that several MPs had lodged a complaint with the CID regarding the speech made by MP Ashok Abeysinghe.

“According to the complaint they said that the statement made by the MP is totally false and apart from that they had made a request to conduct a full scale investigation. Accordingly, the CID had notified MP Abeysinghe to report to the CID yesterday, but he had failed to show up. Therefore, he was again notified as per the provisions of the criminal procedure code to appear before the CID today.”

Further, Nissanka Senadhipathi had also lodged a complaint with the CID urging a full investigation into the speech made by MP Abeysinghe which he alleges is based on false information.