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Be careful of COVID during festive season

The Public Health Inspectors’ Union (PHIU) said that although the number of people who tested positive for COVID is declining in the country, it can increase again if public do not adhere to quarantine rules and health guidelines during the upcoming festive season.

PHIU Chairman Upul Rohana said that random PCR tests should be conducted to understand the real situation in the country.

"The number of patients in the world is increasing in countries like Brazil and Italy. Therefore, the situation in our country cannot be expected to continue in this way. With the festive season in April and May, there may be an increase in the number of patients. People have to be very careful in this regard," he said.

"As Sri Lanka is not getting the expected number of vaccines, it is being given to people in high-risk areas and to those over 60. The World Health Organization (WHO) says 12 countries have suspended the vaccine,” he said.

“If there is any problem with the vaccine and if the Government issues an announcement, we will immediately inform the public and stop the vaccination programme or take an appropriate action,” Upul Rohana said.

He said that factory workers should be vaccinated immediately as they could be easily infected with the disease. “The situation could be controlled to some extent by giving private sector the opportunity to import vaccines if the Government does not have sufficient stock and facilities to do so,” he said.