Constructing Jaffna water supply project accelerated | Daily News

Constructing Jaffna water supply project accelerated

The construction of the water supply project for Jaffna has been accelerated by the Irrigation Department. The Project costs Rs 13,300 million.

Water will be provided to 925,000 people in Jaffna by 2028 once the project is complete. Jaffna needs 17,000 acre feet of water for a day.

The Northern Province receives water from sea water projects, Vadamarachchi Lagoon Project, Lower Paliara Reservoir Project, Upper Parangiaru Reservoir Project and Lower Parangiara Project.

The Peninsula has no rivers or tanks to be used as the main water source for the Water Project. An Irrigation Departments Spokesmen said that the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been approved by the Management Service Department and a detailed estimate has been prepared. The project will be completed in three years, he said.