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Fairytale building nestled in a Japanese forest

This new resort is a perfect place to spend a few days while traveling to Tokyo. Located just outside of the city in the Tochigi prefecture, the PokoPoko Clubhouse is a whimsical forest retreat for all ages. Its name is a Japanese word meaning to stick-out or stick up as the three conical roofs extend up to meet the treetops around them. Klein Dytham Architecture describes that its design was meant to “create a fairytale building in a clearing of the forest.”

The PokoPoko Clubhouse is an extension of the Risonare Hotel complex near Mount Nasu and is meant to provide additional space for families to enjoy a peaceful forest retreat. Guests can reach the new extension by taking a footbridge through the forest that connects the original resort to the new clubhouse.

he entire structure is mostly made from local pine trees that are also used to create the incredible interior spaces. The three distinct timber members are organized radially around central skylights which fill each space with plenty of natural light. Their curving roofs sit on mostly glass façade that wraps around the entire structure, meaning that guests can stay visually connected to the serene woodlands all around.

Each of the three cones is designed to accommodate different programs related to the hotel and the site. The central cone is focused on cooking spaces that allow the facility to teach food workshops and classes to the visitors. These activities are supported by ingredients grown on-site. The guests can also create their own pizzas and bake them in the wood-log oven.

Two other cones sit on either side of the central cooking space. One of these volumes is specifically designed for children and centers around a play area featuring a white net that acts as a climbing structure. While this cone is perfect for kids, parents can find a peaceful refuge on the opposite side of the clubhouse. Comfortable furniture is arranged around an open fireplace and a small library for the older family members to sit back and enjoy their vacation.

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