Natalie Jayasuriya
Natalie Jayasuriya

FROK is a Contemporary Fashion Forward Online platform with a pragmatic and conscious brand ethos. Its marketing has been designed to target a young demographic of 16 upwards, however the products available on the site are for the Perpetually Youthful, whether it be Female or Male, those who are fiercely spirited and live in a realty where filters are key -Rs10,000/50US$ or less per item. As online purchasing dynamics have reportedly proven an influential image or persona fuels and secures consumer decisions.

The platform ( offers a mix of FROK Signature designs and select collections from local designers who will showcase their interpretation of the authentic FROK Feel.

FROK is completely customer centric. The customer will actually be able to reach out and speak to a member of the FROK Family, who will assist them. We do not believe the future of e-commerce should devoid the HUMAN element. The HUMAN Element is our strongest USP.

FROK aims to be the Sri Lankan hybrid of ASOS or SHEIN and will support and market home grown vendors and adapt to Global trends to fit within the cultural context. With the assistance of FROK, Young Fashion designers will be able to do what they love. FROK will be positioned as a forerunner for fashion forecasting, utilizing a relatable online platform and provide Trendy, fast fashion products on an efficient and easy to use platform, essentially, making aspirational wear affordable and attainable, locally, regionally and eventually globally.

FROK is headed by Natalie Jayasuriya, an independent business woman with a successful repertoire in PR and Marketing. She has always had an interest in entertainment and F&B ventures which lead her to be at the forefront of the conceptualization and development of immensely popular nightclubs, bars and restaurants in Sri Lanka over the last 10 years.

Natalie is a Fashionista in her own right and has always been a trendsetter. She has the ideal recipe for morphing fast fashion into high fashion, without altering the price point.

Mario Gooneratne, Director FROK, is the founder and the CEO of LinearSix (Pvt) Ltd, a boutique technology and consulting company with a strong focus in helping banks, finance and insurance companies be better by implementing cutting edge software solutions to digitally transform them.

The technology behind FROK offers a Hyper-personalized experience. “We believe that every shopper should have a hyper personalized experience when they shop online. The backbone of FROK is a scalable e-commerce platform that captures vast amounts of data points from the shoppers so that we can use machine learning to bring out hyper-personalized experiences to our valued clients” says Natalie Jayasuriya “We expect to make use of valuable data that we capture so that we can offer a great shopping experience.” -FM