‘46,000 unqualified doctors practising in country’ | Daily News

‘46,000 unqualified doctors practising in country’

The lives of patients are threatened as nearly 46,000 unqualified doctors are practicing in the country, former Kurunegala District DMO Dr. S.M.A. Priyadarshana said. He was speaking at a meeting of PHIs in the Kurunegala District in Bingiriya, yesterday.

Dr. Priyadarshana said that a recent survey conducted by the GMOA has confirmed the aforementioned number. He added that the GMOA would appoint a committee to investigate the issue as well.

The former DMO also said that some unqualified doctors have even left for foreign employment.

He added that the authorities have been inactive in taking legal action against them. The majority of them are in the Western Province, Dr. Priyadarshana said.