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Big cash bonanza for Super League Soccer Tourney

An incident in a Super League Soccer match
An incident in a Super League Soccer match

A cash Bonanza of 23.5 million rupees will be on offer for the 10 participating teams at the inaugural Super League Soccer Tournament scheduled to kickoff at Sugathadasa Stadium from April.19

After several months of immaculate discussions and pre-planning, the governing body, Football Federation of Sri Lanka (FFSL), is launching this inaugural professional football League, which will give away the biggest cash rewards in the history of Sri Lankan football.

FFSL is embarking on this all-important tournament which will also play a key role in scouting new talent for the National team. World Football body FIFA has supported the super league immensely with financial assistance towards its success.

FFSL has initially selected the ten top tier teams in the country with implementation of strict club licensing criteria on par with International standards. The ten teams, namely: Renown SC, Ratnam SC, Blue Star SC, Defenders SC, Red Star SC, Up Country Lions SC, SeaHawks SC, New Young FC, Colombo FC and Blue Eagle SC will vie for honours, with the first match scheduled to commence at 4.30 p.m. and the second at 7.30 p.m. respectively under closed doors.

A total of 45 matches will be played from the commencement until the end of this tournament on a league basis, which is scheduled to conclude by the second week of August. All teams will be ranked on their performance and the number of points they accrue at the end of the tournament. The top team with the highest number of points will be adjudged the winner, while the other teams will be lined up as per their performance respectively.

The winner will carry away a cash prize of five million rupees and the Prestigious ‘Super League Championship Cup’, while the runner-up and the third placed teams will receive rupees 3.5 and 3.25 million respectively.

The other unique feature of this tournament is that all participating teams will be rewarded an attractive prize, including the tenth placed team, which will be entitled for one million, whereas in most other tournaments they will leave empty handed.

All participating teams were involved in a pre-season tournament to gain match practice and to get their team combinations in proper order before the big bash. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic some clubs in the fray were under isolation and were deprived of conducting practice sessions for their players.

Considering all these facts, FFSL executed this pre-season tournament at an additional cost. All matches are to be conducted under strict health guidelines directed by the Ministry of Health.