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Rapport among Ethnicities launched

Rev. Rajan Rohan speaking at the book launch.
Rev. Rajan Rohan speaking at the book launch.

Batticaloa Church Commission for Justice and Peace Director Rev. Rajan Rohan said that the book, Rapport among Ethnicities, launched today is the need of the hour. Therefore, every one should read the book to make a clear understanding on Islam, which emphasizes the importance of rapport among ethnicities.

He was addressing a gathering of religious dignitaries of ethnicities, moulavies, heads of social societies and the representatives of the Civil Societies.

The launch of Rapport among Ethnicities authored by Dr. Al-Hafeeel M.I.M. Sitheeque was held under the auspicious of the Director of the Jaamiya Inaamil Arabic College, Attulugama, As-sheikh Haja Mohideen (Bin Noori) where Batticaloa High Court Judge Al-Hafeel N.M.Abdullah graced the occasion as Chief Guest and Akkaraiapttu Municipal Council Mayor Athaullah Ahamed Zacky participated as Special Guest.

Rev. Rajan Rohan said that the book has been a long felt need of the Muslim community to give the brother communities a clear understanding on Islam and how Islam respects and honors the other religions.

“It has been my desire that the Muslim colleagues and dignitaries to prepare and compose a book of this nature for long time. I have also requested my Muslim friends in Kattankudy to print a book of this nature but understanding the desperate need of the book a reputed religious dignitary Dr. Sitheeque’shas willingly came forward to write this book is highly appreciable. The book contained what we want today to prosper and understanding society,” he said.

Mayor Athaulah Ahamed Zacky, High Court Judge N.M. Abdullah addressed the gathering. Author Dr. Sitheeque was honored by Civil Societies Representative M.Zainulabdeen by draping him with a Golden Shawl.