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Ex-England keeper Taylor returns for Hundred

LONDON: Former England wicket-keeper Sarah Taylor is to return to professional cricket in the Hundred after putting her career on hold due to anxiety issues. Taylor, who will play for the Welsh Fire, took up coaching positions after announcing her international retirement in September 2019.

The 100 balls-per-side franchise tournament was meant to have been launched last year but was delayed by the Coronavirus pandemic.

All eight franchises will feature both Men's and Women's teams, with the two competitions running side by side.

“The coaching is the future for me but a little bit of testing the waters - am I good enough, have I still got what it takes? I don't really feel like I've got much to lose by playing, I just get to enjoy myself,” said Taylor.

“I could have the worst tournament in the world but I know that I will probably love every minute. Having my full-time job now, it's my grounder, my feet are firmly on the ground. I can now enjoy my cricket.” - AFP