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Mrs. Sri Lanka melee:

Statements to be recorded

All parties involved in the Mrs. Sri Lanka imbroglio will be summoned to the Cinnamon Gardens Police today (8) to give their statements, Mrs. Sri Lanka contest organisers said.

Addressing a media briefing at the Shangri-La hotel on Tuesday (6), Mrs. Pushpika De Silva said that due to her head injuries she was also unable to record a statement with the Police earlier.

Mrs. Sri Lanka National Director, Chandimal Jayasinghe stated that the Mrs World Inc has requested Jayasinghe and the judging panel to take decisions without involving any other third parties.

Jayasinghe added that as the organizers, they will extend their fullest support to Pushpika at this instance.

Responding to a question raised by a journalist Jayasinghe said that if the divorce of Mrs. Sri Lanka 2021 Pushpika De Silva is given before the Mrs. World 2021 contest is held, the first runner up will be sent to represent Sri Lanka. Pushpika said that she has not decided to take the divorce, since it is a two-party agreement and it is still being heard at the court.

Mrs. World Inc has also expressed its disappointment at reigning Mrs. World Caroline Jurie for creating havoc by uncrowning Pushpika De Silva after the final decision was announced. Mrs. World Inc statement further requested to Jurie to deliver an apology, but she has yet to do so. “Her actions go against the Mrs. Sri Lanka code of conduct and the predetermined regulations she is obliged to follow during her reign” the statement read. It further read that the delegate sent by Mrs. Sri Lanka – World to compete in the international competition is legally married will be accepted. They also praised De Silva’s behaviour of leaving the stage without firing up the incident.

Moreover the Mrs. World international pageant will be conducted as scheduled in December and Jurie’s scrimmage will not have any impact on that, Jayasinghe said.

De Silva breaking down in tears said that she dedicates her crown to all single mothers who struggle in life. She also said that she will raise concerns internationally that even a divorcee should be given a chance to take part in this competition.