CAA conducts 147 raids in SP | Daily News

CAA conducts 147 raids in SP

Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) officials have collected a revenue of nearly Rs.1 million by way of court fines through sudden raids and mobile inspections conducted in the Southern Province (SP) during March this year.

CAA Southern Regional Director S. Nandasiri said 147 raids covering all Divisional Secretariat Divisions in the Southern Province last month.

“Hoarding of essential food items, sale of rice above control rates, display and sale of food items unfit for human consumption, selling consumer items above the stipulated prices, sale of electrical appliances without issuing warranty cards, selling expired food items, altering set prices on labels of consumer items and selling them at exorbitant rates, non display of price tags and violating Consumer Affairs Authority orders, rules and regulations were offences committed by errant traders,” Nandasiri said.

“These traders were prosecuted in the Matara, Galle and Hambantota District Magistrate’s Courts,” he added.

“More sudden raids and mobile inspections are being conducted during the festive season to apprehend errant traders,” CAA officials added.