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President to seek second term

Confirms candidature at next Presidential Election
Eight years to implement beneficial policies
Notes importance of vaccination, organic fertilizer and renewable energy drives

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa yesterday declared his intention to contest and win the next Presidential Election. President Rajapaksa stated that in addition to the remaining three years of his tenure he has got another five years to implement his policies. The President’s Spokesman Kingsley Ratnayake posted in his Twitter Account that the President made the above comment during a discussion held with the heads of the media institutions yesterday.

President Rajapaksa won the 2019 Presidential Election obtaining 6.9 million votes. The next Presidential Election is due in 2024. With this statement, the President has laid to rest mainstream media and special media speculation regarding his candidature at the next Presidential Election.

During the meeting, the President had also emphasized the importance of vaccination for COVID-19 prevention, adding that Sri Lanka  is one of the leading countries when it comes to the inoculation drive. He pointed out that Sri Lanka was far ahead of many developing countries having already vaccinated over 37% of the targeted population. Sri Lanka is well on its way to achieving herd immunity as there is an ample of supply of vaccines and the vaccination programme is being extended to all provinces and districts, he noted. All those over 30 could be vaccinated by end of August.

The President had also pointed out the importance of organic farming and had requested the heads of the media institutions to assist in raising awareness on the use of organic fertilizer. This would result in a healthy harvest and healthy food for the people. He said there were many misconceptions regarding the issue among farmers and the general population which the media must help to clarify.

The President had also focused on the use of renewable energy during this discussion. Sri Lanka was well on its way to fulfilling the majority of energy needs from renewable energy needs by 2030, he explained, adding that Sri Lanka was ideally located for solar and wind power.

He urged the media heads to support the Government’s efforts towards energy conservation and the switchover to renewable energy, in line with international climate accords which Sri Lanka has ratified.

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