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Fuel crisis imminent - MP Ranawaka

Inability to import coal would mean an energy crisis in the future, which could worsen the current fuel and electricity crisis in the country, Parliamentarian Champika Ranawaka said.

He added that the country will have to face a power cut in September and the current LP gas crisis will only worsen.

"This would mean a fuel crisis is imminent," Ranawaka said.

"It is clear that the whole country is in a web of chaos today. The consequences of not providing fertilizer to the country's agricultural lands are now being felt. I responsibly say that we lacked dollars to import fertilizer last May because, in March, a sum of US $ 500 million had to be paid to SriLankan Airlines for the massive airbus fraud. So there are no dollars to buy fertilizer," he said.

Ranawaka added that the Quarantine Curfew that is currently imposed is not scientifically based on the advice of professionals. The country needs to go in for a 14-day lockdown at least.

"The current lockdown will only cause an economic crisis, and it will not help minimise the current situation we are facing due to the pandemic,” Ranawaka added. Moreover, he said that the health sector is collapsing day-by-day.

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