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Five rice mills to be established

Five rice mills equipped with modern rice processing technology are to be established in Anuradhapura, Kurunegala, Hambantota, Ampara and Baticaloa districts. The Government in collaboration with cooperatives socieities is to implement a programme to purchase the paddy harvest, produce quality rice and distribute it through the Lanka Sathosa network at a reasonable price.

The annual rice consumption requirement in the country is estimated as 2.2 million tons. The integrated paddy harvest in both the 2020/21 Maha and 2021 Yala seasons have been 4.8 million metrict tons of paddy enabling the production of 3.2 million metric tons of rice.

Cooperative Services, Marketing Development and Consumer Protection State Minister Lasantha Alagiyawanna has proposed that while a regulatory mechanism is effected to control the continued market prices of rice, the Government shall contribute in the field of paddy purchasing and rice processing to thwart the monopoly of the private sector in this component. In this context, the Cabinet has approved a proposal to establish five rice mills in the said five paddy

cultivation districts under the private - cooperative partnership basis for large scale rice milling and distributing through Lanka Sathosa and cooperative outlets in the country from the next 2021/22 Maha season.


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