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HIP presents Case Study at CIPM Symposium

Due to stringent management of Health & Safety protocols, the Hambantota International Port Group (HIPG) was one of seven companies selected to present their management best practices as a case study at the 5th International Chartered Institute of Personnel Management — CIPM Research Symposium held in July.

The paper on ‘Challenges and the roles of HRM Professionals during the post-pandemic of Covid-19: with Reference to Hambantota International Port Group (HIPG),’ was presented by the HR Management team of HIPG represented by Jeevan M. Premasara - Senior General Manager HR & Admin, Buddhika Sandaruwan - Senior Manager HR & Local Affairs and Hasitha Lakmal - Manager – HR & Administration.

The theme of this year’s symposium was ‘Global Crises & Future of Work,’ and it focused on the effectiveness of HRM practices in the performance of private, public, and NGO sector organizations locally and internationally.

The paper outlined the manner in which the port had successfully handled their staff during the pandemic without halting any of their regular operations. Jeevan M. Premasara - Senior General Manager HR & Admin says they were able to do this because HIP follows a people first approach in their working arrangements. “The wellbeing of our employees is a priority. Therefore we have specific systems in place for employee support, communication and awareness, engagement, Training & Development and recognition of efforts, to encourage and boost morale.”

In their presentation, the HRM team outlined how HIP’s people first approach ensured the port’s business continuity by adopting flexible working arrangements and the use of technology, enabling people to work from anywhere while maintaining work-life balance.

“At the core of our emergency response mechanism is the Emergency Response Committee (ERC) which is headed by the CEO and Executive management committee (EXCO) members with the participation of all Heads of Departments who function as task force committee members. We have an alternative shift system which allows a great deal of flexibility and contingency planning in containing a spread, in the event of a Covid-19 case being reported within the port,” says Jeevan M. Premasara - Senior General Manager HR & Admin.

“We have adopted best in class technology for business and people management allowing for streamlined distance working. Considerable investment has been made in health and safety systems to ensure a safe working environment for all our team members as well as stakeholders and customers. More importantly, HIP’s cultural adaptation has created trust between management and employees where employees believe in management decisions and share responsibility in jointly overcoming the current crisis situation,”

HIPG’s HRM case paper also outlined the port’s plans for emergency medical care and isolation centers set up at the port and described the HR department’s role in ensuring not only the safety of the port system but extending corporate social responsibility to outsourced personnel as well as the surrounding community. HIPG’s many social responsibility programmes to uplift employees and community safety and wellbeing were also outlined, including the number of donations made for public welfare — from hospital supplies, school supplies and rations to administrative equipment for local government offices.

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