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Sithulpawwa treasure hunt foiled

An ancient dagoba in ‘Kuda Sithulpawwa’ in the historic sacred area of Sithulpawwa Raja Maha Viharaya was broken into by a group of treasure hunters on Tuesday night.

However, an alert Army officer guarding the Sithulpawwa Rajamaha Viharaya had prevented major damage to the dagoba.

The officer had spotted a group of people on a distant hilltop at Kuda Sithulpawwa in the night and had gone with several soldiers to inquire into it.

They had come upon the treasure hunters and had later managed to apprehend three suspects.

The arrested persons are from the Kirinda area in Tissamaharama and the Kirinda Police are conducting investigations to determine whether more persons involved in the incident and whether any objects of archeological value had been stolen.


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