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No charge for COVID vaccine from overseas bound workers - SPC Chairman

SLFBE regular charge of Rs. 16,400 for all venturing abroad

There is no charge for the COVID vaccine from those embarking abroad for employment, a senior official said.

“The total COVID-19 vaccination programme is free and if anybody charges for any vaccine please inform the nearest police station  or call 119 or even complain to the SPC, State Pharmaceutical Corporation(SPC) Chairman Dr. Prasanna Gunasena stated.

The Chairman made this observation responding to a question by a journalist at a media conference held yesterday at the Government Information Department. The journalist inquired whether the government charges Rs.16,400 for the Pfizer vaccine from those who embark on foreign employment. He said that anybody venturing abroad for employment has to register with Rs.16,400 being the charge for registration.”There has been a request by the Foreign Employment Bureau (SLFEB) that certain countries have laid down the Pfizer vaccine as an entry criteria. So anybody with documentary proof to show that they are venturing to a country where the Pfizer vaccine is mandatory for their visa purposes, will bel given this (Pfizer) vaccine free. The SLBFE registration process charge is Rs.16,400. “If anybody sells the COVID vaccine they are definitely counterfeits.

Counterfeits are running all over the country and don’t get into this trap. Even India and some other countries in the world have disclosed that they had counterfeit vaccines. Sri Lanka has already vaccinated millions under its vaccination drive and we can guarantee that not a single counterfeit, not a single quality failure was reported. We have had the most reliable vaccination programme so far in this country. So trust the national system of vaccination and be a part of that,” the SPC Chairman urged.

He said that with the financial assistance of the World Bank, another 14 million doses of Pfizer vaccines have been ordered to be imported into Sri Lanka. The stock of vaccines will be available in November and December and that the third dose of the COVID vaccine could be given to the public if needed. He said that 63 percent of the Sri Lankan population over 18 could be fully vaccinated against COVID by the end of this month and another 9 percent of the population could be vaccinated within the next week. He said that 80 percent of the population over 18 had already taken the first dose and 52 percent had taken the second dose.There are 17.5 million people over 18 in the country who need to be vaccinated against COVID, of which 12.5 million have been vaccinated and there are about 4 million more to be vaccinated. Dr. Gunasena further said that 70 percent of people who died of COVID infection are over 60 and about 70 percent of them have not completed the COVID vaccination or have not received a single vaccine. He said the World Health Organization (WHO) has not yet approved the third vaccine to control COVID and that the government is ready to provide a third vaccine to the people of Sri Lanka if needed. As a result of the success of the COVID Immunization Programme, the people of Sri Lanka will be able to live a normal life by the middle week of October. The vaccination programme to build public immunity against the COVID virus has been successfully implemented covering all districts throughout the country and enough vaccines are being imported to the people of this country. He said that all the vaccines required for the complete vaccination of the people of this country will be available in the next few weeks and the people should be careful not to go near the vaccination centres and create a commotion by creating unnecessary fears that there will be a shortage of vaccines or the vaccine will run out.



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